Here is how I can help:

Step One –“Show me Around”

The first step is to meet with me and give me a tour of your home. Together we can do a walk through and I will encourage you to give me information about your home as we go. The more information you share with me the better listing we can put together to really showcase your property to potential buyers. This is also a great time for the two of us to look at ways we can improve your home to make it more appealing to buyers. Whether it is some simple yard work or renovation work sometimes these changes can have a huge impact on what price buyers are willing to pay for your home. I can also provide you contact information or direct you to local companies that can assist you in preparing your home for listing.

Step Two-“Creating the Dream Team”

I will do a Comparative Market Analysis to show you similar properties that have recently listed and sold in the area. Using this information we can work together to come up with a suitable price for your property. At this point if you decide to proceed to list your property with me I will then have you sign two forms.

“Working with a Realtor” Form.

This form defines and explains the differences between a Client and Customer relationship as well as outlines Multiple Representation situations you may encounter. A client relationship creates the highest form of obligation for a Realtor to a Consumer. In this form of relationship the Realtor has a fiduciary (legal) relationship with the client.

Listing Agreement

This form creates a client relationship with the Brokerage which is the highest form of obligation for a Realtor to a client and allows me to work in your best interest, protect your interest and strive to do what is best for you while representing you as a client. The agreement identifies the property for sale, the sale price, the time period the listing will be active for as well as other important information for the seller to review. Once you are a client of the Brokerage I will have increased obligations to you in terms of disclosing confidential information, and determining and making you aware of material facts that may affect your Real Estate transaction.

Step 3- “Show Time”

First Impressions are important and same goes for Real Estate.

If you want your property to show well and maximize your return now is the time to clean, declutter and improve your curb appeal. As a professional I can guide you in terms of changes that can be made to improve the appearance of your home to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Whether it is yard work, or small tasks that will improve your property I am happy to help and put in the time and effort to ensure your property shows well. We will be doing Open Houses and showing through your home as well so now is the time to take down personal items and store valuables away for safe keeping. We want buyers to walk through your home and imagine the possibilities and envision the space as their own. I will arrange photographs to be taken of your home, plan Open Houses, start preparing marketing material and put your listing together for MLS to gain maximum exposure.
Once we feel like your property is ready to list I will post your listing and place a sign on your home to catch the attention of pedestrian and vehicles passing by.

Here is where I shine. As soon as your listing is up and active I will being aggressively marketing your property and will network with other Realtors to make them aware of your home in case they come across buyers that may be interested. I will use a variety of different marketing platforms to market your property to as wide of audience as possible and use my strong local connections to try to find the right buyer for your home.

Step 4- “The Negotiations”

This is a critical stage of the transaction and having me on your team makes this process easier to navigate. To you as a seller offers may look similar but I will be able to review offers and identify different conditions, inclusions, exclusions that can significantly affect the terms of the offer. You may receive offers lower than your asking price or encounter multiple offer situations. I will be able to help you determine whether you should accept an offer and advise you on how to proceed in negotiating or countering an offer. The Real Estate process involves a lot of paperwork which can be stressful to navigate. I can spend the time to explain documents to you so you understand and help simplify the process and make it less stressful.

Step 5 “Seal the Deal & Celebrate”

Once you have accepted an offer it is now time to place that “SOLD” sign and celebrate. I can assist you with any items regarding the closing of your property that may arise. I take great pride in my relationships with clients so I will follow up to ensure your needs are met and that you are satisfied with everything. Please know that I am always available to answer questions or offer advice.